Wednesday, February 14th, 2018


As SM Concierge Medicine patient, you enjoy the convenience of having your lab work conducted here in the privacy of our office. This allows for an immediate discussion of your results as soon as they are available. As a patient, advanced blood testing is included. Any additional lab work is submitted to your insurance company for payment.

Our comprehensive lab work includes routine and advanced blood testing. These tests screen for various health conditions, including diabetes, metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia, hepatitis, STDs, and more. Dr. Maghidman constantly updates our tests in accordance to current testing recommendations from leading medical societies and evidence-based medical groups. Our tests are independent of insurance companies and designed to give a complete picture of your physical health. A full, updated list of every test is available here: comprehensive lab testing.

You will get a head to toe physical examination by Dr. Maghidman, aiming to screen different types of disease.

No. We are sensitive to your schedule and recognize that it is not always possible to have follow-up visits in person. Only the initial consultation and the first follow-up visit with Dr. Maghidman must be an in-person visit. Subsequent follow-up visits may be conducted via email or over the phone, unless a medical condition requires an in-person visit.

Depending on your age, health and medical history, we may recommend a follow-up visit every three, six or twelve months. You are also welcome to schedule a visit with us at any time to discuss health concerns you may have.

During each follow-up visit, we will monitor any health conditions you may have, discuss any health concerns, and provide recommendations for enhancing your overall well-being.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care by building a personal relationship with each patient. In order to do so, we spend around two hours during the first visit taking your medical history, performing a comprehensive physical examination, and conducting comprehensive lab work, including advanced diagnostic blood work. This information helps us create a complete medical profile and understand your unique health and wellness needs.

Yes. You should still maintain your insurance, whether it is through a private insurance company or Medicare. You will need this insurance to cover the cost of hospitalization, visits to a medical specialist, radiology procedures, and any required lab work.

To become a patient, please contact SM Concierge Medicine at 1-855-544-3258 and ask to speak with our office manager. She will assist you in becoming a patient of our medical practice.

Absolutely! At SM Concierge Medicine, we welcome all patients and place no restrictions on pre-existing medical conditions. Our only limitation is the size of our practice; if we are full, we will place your name on a waiting list for next-availability. We regret that we cannot accommodate all patients who wish to join.

Advanced blood testing is included for free once you become a SM Concierge Medicine patient. Should additional lab work be necessary, the lab company will directly bill your insurance company or Medicare on your behalf.

No, we only accept payment directly from our patients. In order to best serve our patients and provide a fully transparent relationship, we have severed all financial relationships with insurance companies and government agencies. This ensures we work only for you, our valued patient and are not affected by an insurance company’s bottom line. As a patient, you will receive completely unbiased medical evaluation, treatment and recommendations.

As a patient of SM Concierge Medicine, you have an unlimited number of visits. Our singular goal is to provide the highest care possible, so we do not place on limit on follow up visits.

Yes. SM Concierge Medicine is proud to offer patients this elevated level of service and provide house calls for our coverage area. Charges may vary based on the exact location and the complexity of care.

In the event that Dr. Maghidman is unavailable and you require care, Dr. Maghidman’s carefully selected associate will provide any and all necessary care. There is no additional charge for his care. If hospitalization is needed, Dr. Maghidman’s most trusted Hospitalist will assist you.

Yes. Dr. Maghidman maintains inpatient admission privileges with all the major hospitals in Miami (Mount Sinai Medical Center, Aventura Hospital and Mercy/HCA Hospital). If needed, Dr. Maghidman can admit you directly from his office or through the emergency room. He is also available to coordinate your care if you are admitted to a hospital that is not affiliated with us.

If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. After you call 911, please contact Dr. Maghidman. He will coordinate your emergency care. In the event of hospitalization, Dr. Maghidman or any of his associates will coordinate all necessary care during and after your stay. SM Concierge Medicine will work closely to ensure that your medical needs are met. You will not be alone.

Dr. Maghidman can easily coordinate care with physicians who are based in other states. SM Concierge Medicine frequently works with leading physicians across the United States to provide patients with the highest quality care possible.

Our singular goal is to provide each patient with the highest quality care possible, and we have assembled a dedicated team of specialists to achieve this goal. Dr. Maghidman works with leading specialists based on each patient’s individual health and wellness needs. Our specialist network includes the greater Miami-Dade community, as well as leading specialists in Florida and across the United States.

Dr. Maghidman has privileges at all major local hospitals, including Mount Sinai Medical Center, Mercy Hospital/HCA and Aventura Hospital.