Monday, February 12th, 2018

About SM Concierge Medicine

SM Concierge Medicine: “The Way Medicine Should Be”

Office PictureSM Concierge Medicine is a revolutionary approach to medical care. We build a personal relationship with every patient that allows us to proactively care for their well being. At SM Concierge Medicine, we focus primarily on preventive medicine. We use highly-advanced diagnostic techniques to tailor our care to your individual medical needs.

The average medical practice has between 3,000 and 5,000 patients. That’s a lot of people for just one physician to see!

At SM Concierge Medicine, we get to know our patients on a personal level.

At SM Concierge Medicine, we believe this is simply not enough time to build a meaningful relationship with a patient or provide care that is in a patient’s best interest. That’s why we do things differently. We limit our practice. As a result, each patient is assured the highest level of service and convenience in an unhurried manner.

Having a small practice allows Dr. Maghidman to pay special attention to the details, giving the quality of care that you deserve. You will never feel rushed during your visit. We schedule generous appointment times, so you have plenty of time to discuss all health care concerns. At the conclusion of your visit, Dr. Maghidman will give you and your family all the necessary tools to stay on top of your health.

Our patients are those who are tired of being just a number or a stack of papers to be shuffled from doctor to doctor. Here, you are a human being that we treat with dignity and respect.

As a new patient, you will be scheduled for an initial two-hour visit to discuss all your health care needs. During this initial visit we will take a full medical history, understand your wellness needs and health challenges, conduct a full physical exam and administer comprehensive lab testing. These results will create a baseline picture of your current health, allowing us to provide proactive care.

We coordinate closely with leading specialists and hospitals. In the event of hospitalization, Dr. Maghidman or one of his associates will visit you and coordinate all care. Our office is conveniently located on Mount Sinai Medical Center campus in Miami Beach, providing easy access for direct admission to the hospital, if needed. We offer on-site diagnostic testing and, in most cases, have test results within just a few hours for timely discussion.

Dr. Maghidman is committed to ensuring that everyone receives high quality care, regardless of their financial circumstances. In addition to his concierge medical practice, Dr. Maghidman, also donates his time and expertise to assisting patients in underserved communities who are unable to afford health insurance or medical care. We’re proud to help all patients – regardless of their financial circumstances – proactively take care for their health.